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SPARCMed - helping you get better

At SPARCMed, our programs were developed and implemented through years of careful research and patient observation. Our objective is to assist our patients to restore function and mobility, reduce pain, improve quality of life, increase independence, return to work and improve and find the optimal key to great health.

An effective Functional Restoration program must be tailored to the patient and the severity of the injury or disability. Our Bilingual (Spanish) program establishes clear treatment goals that are monitored weekly to insure that injured workers attain Permanent and Stationary status in order to improve their health and return to work.

The SPARCMed team of physicians and support staff has extensive experience at helping patients to get better.

What is SPARCMed

SPARC–Spine, Pain & Rehabilitative Care - is our interdisciplinary solution to treating chronic pain. Most SPARC candidates are people suffering with chronic pain who, despite extensive traditional medical treatments, have been unable to regain the necessary physical and emotional healing to fully engage in life again. The program is an intensive way to help people living with chronic pain learns strategies for regaining control over their pain and their lives. In small groups, over several weeks, our clients are provided education by a team of expert professionals, including our physicians, a physical therapist, behavioral health and exercise specialists, and a nutritionist, to help them learn ways to become more independent again and to return to an active lifestyle.

In recent years, multidisciplinary programs that focus on functional restoration have become the gold standard of care when traditional biomedical approaches have reached their limit.


SPARC program is great for injured workers who have had to live with chronic pain. The SPARC program is one of the greatest I’ve experienced with my injury...
Helena Benikovsky
I need to first say thank you to all of the staff at SPARC for sharing your tools with me. Those tools were self awareness. I accepted I needed to work to heal. The next tool was faith, your guidance and patience helped build my faith in your program but even more in myself. I remember my first day on the workout ball saying “I am never going to be able to do this” and in a very short time I am telling new classmates they can do it “first take your time and trust”...
Michael Cato

How the SPARC program changed my life and physical impression, had a physical disability and I never knew if you exercise how endorphins can make your mental mind feel so much better just by exercising when you sweat and how much better you feel mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.
Harjit Chopra

I suffered my injury in April 2010, it wasn't until November 2012 that I entered the SPARC program. By that time I was in pretty bad shape, not just from my injuries but also physically and emotionally.
Tina Fry
SPARCMed - Physicians